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Rapid Equipping Force – Technology Development

Contract Title: Technology and Science Studies, Analysis, Support and Search

Project Description of Services/Products: Synovision Solutions applied a broad spectrum of technical and analytic sources to help identify issues and problems. Once identified, potential solutions were pursued with test and demonstrations to proof solutions prior to wider application.

This contract spawned the concept, study, experimentation, testing, and demonstration that became External Insulation of Temporary Structures (EITS). In addition, the Type I (single sprayer system for Djibouti), the Type II (single sprayer for Kuwait), and the Type III (dual sprayer for Iraq) were built and delivered though this contract. Spraying was conducted in the US, Kuwait, and Djibouti with concurrent operations ongoing in Djibouti and Kuwait. While other projects were also accomplished in this contract, EITS was the major program with all tasks accomplished between December 2006 and August 2007. Goals, tasks, and objectives changed regularly as the program matured requiring not just superb technical expertise but managerial agility. This demonstrated not only an ability to accomplish complex tasks concurrently but with sufficient management expertise and execution quality to have generated an ongoing program that is monitored at the OSD level. Reports from Synovision Solutions’ field operations and measurement team have been briefed at the highest levels of the Department of Defense and to other USG agencies.

While spraying polyurethane may seem a simple task that could be accomplished by minimally experienced laborers, the challenges of doing so on flexible substrates under the challenging conditions and at rates needed demanded a truly expert team. This team was formed from management level to sprayers. This team proved their ability to complete as much as 10,000 square feet per sprayer per day for a single shift. The ability of the Synovision Solutions team to start within 30 days of contract award and to complete almost 4 million square feet by 30 June 2008 depended greatly on this demonstrated level of performance.

Synovision Solutions conceived of and designed the sprayer equipment currently in use for EITS today. The units were tailored to the particular need with common commercial components to allow for ease of maintenance and repair. All sprayers use the same proportioner (the controlled pump for the A and B component), drum pumps (used to siphon from source drums), container, and container. Type II and III sprayers have larger generators and air conditioners which are used to manage the temperature of A and B components prior to application in a high heat environment. A unique requirement for an require high altitude sling loading of the unit. Joe Amadee combined his experience as a load master in the 101st with to produce an airmobile Type IIIA sprayer. All sprayers were maintained in superb operating condition by the team with no outside support. No spray job has ever been down for more than an hour due to equipment failures.

Synovision Solutions has a proven track record of being able to arrange and execute domestic and international transportation of goods by commercial and military air, commercial rail, commercial truck, and commercial ship. This experience includes successful customs, importation, and transition to USG shipping in Kuwait and Djibouti on this contract.

Personnel have been transported successfully by commercial and military air into and around theater. Synovision Solutions has an Air Force CIC/TAC code for personnel and cargo movements by Air Force transport. All personnel on this contract were eligible for and received passports and visa to all ports required. LOA’s and Country Clearances have also been coordinated by current management personnel. In addition to simply moving personnel and equipment, Synovision Solutions’ team consistently was able to get personnel and equipment to the right job site together and on time despite the challenges often found in theater. This included several sites in Kuwait while executing spraying in Djibouti as well.

Col. Gregory Tubbs, former Director of the Rapid Equipping Force, has cited the External Insulation of Temporary Structures (EITS) as one of a handful of “game-changing” projects.

External Insulation of Temporary Structures – CENTCOM AOR

Contract Title: External Insulation of Temporary Structures (EITS)
Sponsoring Agency: Rapid Equipping Force, Fort Belvoir, VA

Synovision Solutions won the full and open competition for broad application of External Insulation of Temporary Structures. Synovision Solutions conducted the initial site surveys within 30 days, fielded CRC cleared spray teams in two countries simultaneously (one team in Afghanistan and one in Iraq), procured and delivered all materials. The contract called for the application of 200,000 square feet of coverage in Afghanistan and 200,000 square feet in Iraq. An option was executed for a total of 400,000 square feet in Iraq. Synovision Solutions’ successful completion of all insulation on the base and option at nearly half the projected price has allowed the REF to extend the contract for insulation of an additional 275,000 square feet.

Synovision Solutions provided primary contract management with responsibility to control and support field operations, procure, ship and deliver materials, be the primary interface for the CO/COR, execute all administrative and reporting requirements. Synovision Solutions was responsible for the ultimate completion of all tasks, compliance with contract requirements, and management of the sub-contractors. Planning in concert with our sponsor and team members allowed efficient operations in 3 countries and responsiveness to six contract changes and numerous task redirections, all without change to the contract value, slip in schedule, or reduced performance.

Synovision Solutions has moved equipment by both ground and air means and has coordinated both. It has the ability to work with Iraqi companies who are authorized to transport US goods by ground. No goods under the control of Synovision Solutions were lost in transit. All shipping challenges were overcome with minimal impact to the work schedule and no task or requirement was failed due to shipping or personnel transport.

We have received very positive responses from the soldiers and their commands. On FOB Hammer, our insulation of one gymnasium allowed 200 KW of power to be redirected to a needed soldier support center. During a recent inspection of an MWR facility in Baghdad, the director of the facility had only accolades for what had been done and how it had significantly improved the conditions for the soldiers. The command has offered only positive comments as we have worked hard to fulfill their requirements and adapt to frequent changes.

EITS – Secure Facility, Afghanistan

Contract Title: Insulation of Bagram Theater Internment Facility (BTIF), Bagram, Afghanistan

Description of Services/Products: Synovision Solutions responded to a sudden requirement to insulate the Bagram Theater Internment Facility. This was a secure facility that required all team members to gain clearance for access and for security clearances for at least the Director of Field Operations.

While a small contract for EITS, it does show the ability of Synovision Solutions’ team to respond to rapidly emerging requirements and complete tasks that require special handling such as detention facilities.

This contract was quoted, drafted, and executed in less than a week with task completion approximately one week later. Reporting was simplified with acceptance of work performed accomplished in direct coordination with the contracting office. The task was completed on time, at cost, and met or exceeded all tasks.

EITS – Supplemental Kit Application, Iraq

Contract Title: EITS at Various Bases in Iraq (Labor Only)
Sponsoring Agency: MNC-I through Joint Contracting Command – Iraq/Afghanistan, MTWR – Commodities Branch, APO AE 09342, Camp Victory

Description of Services/Products: At the conclusion of the base and option contract for EITS – CENTCOM AOR, above, materials were left over. The MNC-I representative was pleased with the results and Synovision Solutions’ performance and requested a quote to complete the application of the residual materials. This contract was for the labor to apply 120,000 square feet of materials alone and included all costs with the exception of the materials and shipping in theater.