Bruce Jette, Ph.D.  –  President and CEO


Visionary leader, technologist, and manager uniquely talented in assisting senior leaders. Accomplished in analyzing complex organizational problems, establishing vision, implementing solutions, and building technical teams that produce exceptional results by leveraging corporate, governmental, and international organizations and decision-makers.
  • Established Synovision Solutions, a strategic technology development and project leadership company that has experienced exponential growth.
  • Selected by the Army Vice Chief of Staff to lead the Army's rapid implementation of technology in the Global War on Terrorism as Director of the Rapid Equipping force. Established and led international cooperation in key areas of interest. Coordinated critical security and technology issues among the Department of Defense, Department of State, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the White House.
  • Envisioned, established, and led the Army's Rapid Equipping Force as a fully integrated end-to-end business solution for rapid government acquisition. Annual budget grew to $220 million in only 2 years. Gained Congressional support yielding dedicated funding and legislative authorizations.
  • Recognized by Department of Defense Director of Acquisition for innovative acquisition practices precipitating establishment of an agency within the Office of the Secretary of Defense staff to further facilitate rapid acquisition.
  • Turned around the failing $4billion Land Warrior program, an integrated system of technologies for individual soldiers, in 14 months, salvaging 3½ years of research and development through innovative application of unconventional technologies and technical companies in a unique contracting structure. Concurrently guided 3 sub-companies that produced over 200 small and large products for the Army valued at $3 billion.
  • Turned around the $1.8 billion Guardrail Common Sensor airborne intelligence aircraft program, the Army's premier electronic warfare system, in less than 18 months, laying the foundation for the future system: Aerial Common Sensor. Established program linkages to other national agencies resulting in increased product value and an additional $650 million Congressional appropriation to the budget.
  • Designed and produced Airborne Reconnaissance Low, the Army's covert multi-sensor intelligence platform, in 8 months, to meet an urgent requirement mandated by Congress resulting in Congress increasing the fleet three-fold and the budget by $800 million.
  • Awarded the Army's Acquisition Product Manager of the Year 1996-1997.
  • Selected as the Army's nominee for the Packard Award for Organizational Excellence in the Department of Defense. The innovative processes and efficiencies resulted in an Office of Management and Budget study and recognition.
  • Awarded Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Science Degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as the senior of 12 selected officers to establish the Army's Uniformed Army Scientist Program.
  • Selected as a Visiting Fellow at the prestigious Hoover Institution at Stanford University, working and publishing with senior Democrat and Republican statesmen and stateswomen.
  • Selected as the United States representative to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization for soldier issues.
  • Selected as the Department of Defense technical representative to international partners on improvised explosives in connection with the Global War on Terror.
  • Trained and accomplished speaker often sought for numerous conference, media, and television interviews.
  • Awarded patents and broadly published
  • Distinguished Army service for 28 years as a leader in combat units, the Pentagon, acquisition, and as a consultant to senior military leaders. Widespread international experience on over 20 countries including Afghanistan and Iraq.

  • "I hand picked (Bruce) to jump-start a rapid acquisition process to help us win the war on terrorism. He validated my choice immediately…getting results where others have failed."  -Vice Chief of Staff, US Army